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Gutters add function to your house as well as a safe way to redirect your rain water. We offer 5″ and 6″ gutters as well as the accessories including downspouts, elbows and hidden hangers. We keep a low gloss white in house but can get colored gutter material. 

Colored gutter will add a unique trim look to your house and we can help you with that. All gutter is not made until the party picking it up is on site to ensure no damage is done in storing the gutter. 

Gutter Colors at Patriot Building Supply

Here are some examples of all the accessories we offer to go with your gutter including box miters for both inside and outside corners, downspout outlets and end caps.

We offer two types of gutter guards to protect your gutters from debris.


  • On the left is Speed Screen, It has a solid aluminum front edge and a solid strip at the rear and installs with a ‘spring tension’ to hold it in place.
  • On the right is Eco-Guard, it features wave-like structure to strengthen the product and improves wind uplift of any standing debris while also allowing maximum rainflow into the gutter. Eco Guard is made of durable aluminum and can be securely attached to the gutter using zip screws. 

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