Shake Shingle Siding

Shake also known as Shingle Siding is made of a durable, high quality, Polypropylene composite material and it is also available in Vinyl, PVC and Cement options as well. Shake siding is available in an array of colors and textures as well as a dual or single panel. Shake siding can give your house a unique look and not break the bank. 

Variform Shake Shingle Siding Gainesville

Rustic Cedar 

This siding come as a single panel that has an exposure of either 6.5″ or up to 9.13″. It has a variable exposure and rich textures which will complement any other type of siding. 

Roughsawn Cedar

This siding features random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain for a clean, classic look with 6 ½-inch exposure. It comes in both a sing and dual panel.The Single has a 90” long profile minimizing waste during installation—especially around gables. The Dual course profile allows greater coverage and quick installation in larger area side wall installations.

Hand Split 

This siding captures the rugged and rough look of hand-cut cedar with random grooves and a 7” exposure. This is only offered in a single panel so it can be handled with ease. 

Cape Cod

This siding has a 5″ exposure, cedar texture and clean lines will create a unique accent to any home. It comes in a single panel and solid colors. 

Beach House 

This siding comes in a 5″ exposure and several natural colors. It has a patent pending design that allows for installation with a roofing nail gun and is accepted for use by the Miami-Dade County for meeting all severe weather criteria. 

Cement shake siding comes in a few different forms. It can be in a panel form, which has a staggered or straight profile. It can also be in individual form, so that you can give the house a more unique look.

PVC shake is a great option. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and comes already primed and ready for paint. These panels come in either staggered or straight so you can have that classic shake look in no time. 

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