Insulated Siding

Vinyl Insulated Siding is an excellent choice to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No matter which profile you prefer, our insulated vinyl siding better insulates your home by reducing thermal conductivity.

Insulated Siding

Save +/- $60k over the next 30 years in painting, heating and cooling cost with insulated vinyl siding.

Insulated Siding comes in a .046 and .048 thickness which allows for the panels to lie snug against the wall reducing surface irregularities, providing a smooth, uninterrupted sightline. 

The foam insulation is laminated to the panel, increases the rigidity and solid feel of each panel. This insulated siding also has a termite protection foam containing Preventol®, providing additional termite protection.

We also have an insulated siding that comes in a log cabin look called Timbermill. It gives you the look and feel of authentic natural cedar without the hassles that develop with real wood. Timbermill® lets you replace your compromised wood siding and build a stunning new construction showplace. 

Below are a few lines of insulated siding we would recommend.

Comfort Clad


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